Sprocket Magazine is the creation of Matt, Ed and Pete, three cyclists from Oxford, UK. Between us we cover a wide range of cycling disciplines, whether it be touring (Matt and Pete completed the End to End this year), road races or even triathlon.

We wanted to create a blog that not only included good content, but also had a variety of different articles to break up the monotony of what we used to read. Sprocket is our creation, and we hope that you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy creating it. Please don’t hesitate to send us any suggestions

About the Author

I'll admit to being a bit of a kit freak, but cycling is a great sport for that! I've ridden a bike since I can remember, and now mainly cycle on road and on tour. I completed JOGLE in 2010 and plan to tour Europe next year. This blog is my place for product reviews, guides and my opinions on cycling in the UK