Topeak Rescue Box Review

Topeak Rescue Box Review

Ah, the often neglected puncture repair kit. I’m a fan of Topeak products because of ones like this however.

The Topeak Rescue box is a well thought out, well designed and well made product. The supplied glueless patches stick to inner tubes well once the scuffer is used, and both are easily stored within the box. 6 patches are included, with the instructions included on the back of the patches if you need!

The box itself is avaiable in a range of bright or more subdued colours and is made from a very strong, high quality plastic. A rubber O-ring is included in the sliding tray to help with waterproofing, and this also holds it in place so the unit does not fall apart.

The stand out feature for me however, was the inclusion of space to hold a spare chain link and two pins. This was clearly forward thinking from the designers, and gives a convenient place to store all these small parts. Great to tuck in a jersey pocket or saddle bag.

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Topeak Rescue Box Review

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