ETU European Triathlon Championships

Alistair Brownlee fought hard to regain his European title and did so in spectacular style, recovering from a flat tyre in the bike section to then continue on to run down the time lost on the pack and then further increase his lead to bring back the title in a time 1:48:48 only seconds ahead of his younger brother. So far in the season both of the brothers have shown ever increasing form most notably Alistair after a somewhat shaky 2010 season he has now stormed back to arguably even greater form that that of his breakthrough year in 2009.

Credit to "The Sun"

However it cannot go without mentioning the somewhat controversial swim tactics displayed by Harry Wiltshire in the swim section, he clearly blocked Javier Gomez throughout the swim section which has led to him being reprimanded by the triathlon comity, Javier however says it had no effect on his form during the race.

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