A Day In The Life Of An Olympic Triathlete

It’s not often that the amateur athlete or follower of any endurance sport ever truly gets to see what a pro level athlete in their given sport trains like on a day to day basis, as this tends to be kept quiet for obvious reasons. However Tim Don one of Great Britain’s triathletes fighting for the final spot for Olympic selection as 2/3 slots have been take up by both Brownlee brothers, and the final place is to be offered as a “domestique” position to try and further help the brothers, despite much debate as to whether or not anyone is up to the job of supporting them as they are so strong across all of the three disciplines, this was clear recently in Madrid where they controlled almost entire the bike leg themselves and went on to lead the run before finally kicking away from Spain’s Javier Gomez.

So here is 48 Hours of Training with Tim Don filmed by his new sponsors for 2011 Specialized:

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